$1K A Day Fast Track Review

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$1K a Day Fast Track Training Course by Merlin Holmes – an Overview

$1K A Day Fast Track is an affiliate marketing coaching program by Merlin Holmes. In this $1K a Day Fast Track program review, I am going to unleash the various benefits; this Fast Track program offers to students by Merlin. I also critically analyze the negative factors in this training given by Merlin. So, let’s jump inside.

$1K A Day Fast Track Review


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Why $1K a Day Fast Track Training Course?

Have you ever started your online business for earning money, but couldn’t taste success? Are you looking for an opportunity to succeed as an Internet and Affiliate Marketer? Do you need to liberate yourself financially and lead the life you always deserved? Did you make some dollars as an affiliate marketer but couldn’t leverage further? Are you a successful online sales/marketing expert that wants to learn more effective methods to sustain your success? Well, then Merlin Holmes’s $1K a Day Fast Track coaching class is all that you need for starting and growing a successful online business.

I am in Make Money Online niche as internet and affiliate marketer since 2007. In my online business opportunities over the past 13 years, I have come across several training programs, tools, coaching courses, webinars, etc. Many such training courses stayed for some time and disappeared. I’ve spent several thousands of dollars over these years on many of such classes and tasted both success and failures intermittently. I may be segmented as an Intermediate when coming to online business and success.

The only mistake I committed in my 13 years of the online venture is that I failed to build an email list, despite knowing that the money is in the list. But over the years, a lot of change in the traditional online marketing methods has taken me back to where I stood in 2007 as a beginner to online business.

Nowadays, it is not as easy as it was using those traditional online marketing methods to earn money online. Unless, you are having SEO Agency with high-end clients, or a hugely successful Amazon Associate with the courtesy of Google, then making money online is an elusive opportunity. In recent years, since 2016, I tried all those traditional methods like SEO Agency, Social Media Agency, Amazon Affiliate but success was always an arm away. Merlin’s $1K a Day program bridged that gap since completing this course, and I again tasted success. I did learn from my past mistakes and started building a targeted email list, thus helping me achieve the life I always desired to live fully.

Who is Merlin Holmes?

Merlin- Holmes-$1k-a-day-fast-track-review

Well, who is this guy called Merlin Holmes? I have many online friends, customers, and clients. I was introduced by one of my respectable clients to him; otherwise, I would never have heard of him. He is very humble and always to the point teacher who has already made around $150 million in sales and commissions as a vendor and affiliate in the last 15 years. He is very successful in Clickbank both as a Vendor and Affiliate. His teaching skills are efficient that stimulates your inertia and thrust momentum to act and speeds up your success rate in online marketing.

What is the $1K a Day Coaching Program?

Merlin Holmes designed this course, whose duration is for six weeks. The content is drip fed weekly. So, if you complete the introduction to the class and set up your online business, in 1 day, as I did, but you still have to wait for Week 2 to get the next module rolling out for your learning. The mindset module in Week 1 of $1K a Day Course makes it clear that the right mindset makes more money in online business. The other videos are basic ones guiding you to setting up of Clickbank account, generating unique hop links, etc., but worth watching all the videos, as I did find some nuggets for my online marketing.

My friend directed me to an introductory webinar by Merlin. I would like to tell you that I got excited by the way he presented the webinar unleashing all the truth about the $1K A Day training program, including minute details. He answered all my endless questions like how to write good email sequences for autoresponder, where to find free good quality images for ads and blog, why online marketing methods taught by him work etc. I was absolutely so convinced before the end of over 2 hours of the webinar that I already made up my mind that $1K a Day is the solution for my success in online marketing.

Over a period of years, I would say this course had excited me and I am confident it would do so to you also. The teaching method makes you feel hungry for the content, the learning for the next week of training sessions to be drip-fed. I felt, and you can fell and TASTE online success with this course.

3 Simple Steps To Start Making $1K A Day

Step 1: Start Building a HUGE Email List, No Product, or Content Is Required. A Simple 2-Page Website is all you need.

Step 2: Set up Autoresponder with Email Sequence and EARN CASH For Years on Autopilot

Step 3: Reliable, Affordable and Incredible Traffic Sources To Bring in 1000 or more New Email Addresses Per Day

Mindset for success in $1K a Day Course

In one of the modules of Week-1, as aforesaid, he covers how the right mindset can help in money-making opportunities. He has designed his course with a goal for us set by him, that is, Earn $1K a Day in 6 Weeks. Most of the beginners and intermediaries in the Internet and Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online niche do quit if they do not taste success within a short period. It is because the case may be right for you; also, they do not set realizable goals and thus lack intent on succeeding in the first place.

So, setting goals and letting know about it and reminding about it often makes our sub-conscious mind pursue the attainment of such purposes, and this intent drives us to take action and scale up success in our online ventures.

The right mindset makes a big difference in achieving our goals. With intention and setting up realistic goals, a thrust to accomplish those goals by creating momentum and success in attaining those goals comes with an accelerated speed. Amazing! Intention determines our reality. Thoughts become things. You must believe in conserving it and then achieving it.

I made myself to completely commit and to do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. A right mindset looks forward to creating momentum and velocity to achieve the goal.



Right Offers

The most important aspect of being able to generate income quickly requires the right offer to promote as an affiliate. Merlin teaches you how to, where to find such juicy offers that are converting very well and never saturate.

To Whom Is The $1K A Day Program?

  1. 9 to 5 Regular Employees working in Office and spending most of their day in working
  2. ​Those who need to earn extra money from home with less risk, particularly, Homemakers
  3. ​Retirees or people getting close to retirement who want to increase their monthly income
  4. ​New Entrepreneurs are just getting started who are looking for a simple proven way to start a business with minimal risk.
  5. ​Employees who like their job, but want to earn side income in a few hours per week

What is the cost of the $1K A Day Fast Track Course?

The price of the course is $997, a one time cost, as I write this review. In the webinar, the content was so exciting, and I thought the price of the course could be somewhere around $1997 and $2497. But seeing his offer and excitement I had watching the webinar, made my purchase at this downtrend price of $997, without any second thoughts.

It was fantastic that Merlin taught how to recoup the money invested for this course within the first few weeks itself, well before completing this 6 Weeks program. I was so motivated that one colleague student posted that using this method realized the price paid for this course within 48 hours.

You can also have an option to use PayPal Credit with EMIs provided you’re in the USA. Your money invested in the course is safe. It comes with a standard 30 day no questions asked money-back guarantee. You also get real-time support to help you with any issues you encounter in training. For specific queries, Merlin himself answers through email support.

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$1K A Day Fast Track FAQ

Q. Is it real than I could Earn $1000 A Day in the 1K Fast Track course?

A. Yes. Follow the steps and methods taught in the training program; itis a reality. I’ve set a personal goal of $100 per day within 30 days after the end of the 6 Weeks course. It is a minuscule goal when compared to what Merlin has set for us that is $1000 a Day, but as a new beginner, I just placed my goal to $100 a day. I am in the course, and I visualize how easy it is going to be for me to accomplish this goal of earning $100 a day.

Q. Does $1K A Day Fast Track course cost affordable?

A. At present, Merlin Holmes has set a price tag of $997 for the 1K A Day Fast Track course. Considering the value of the course, I expect a steep rise in the price to $2497 shortly.

Q. Does this course required additional charges?

A. Cost for domain name apt for your online business, Clickfunnels subscription at $97 (there is a trial out there) for building a site. You can also use WordPress, if not sufficient enough to use Clickfunnel at a monthly subscription of $97. Then, the cost of setting up an advertisement for the offers as taught in this course. And lastly, there will be advertisement costs for driving traffic.

Q. List the $1K A Day Fast Track Bonuses?

A. Yes. The details of Bonuses offered along with this Fast Tracks Training Program are:

$1K A Day Fast Track Course Bonuses


Q. Is there a money-back guarantee?

A. Yes, it comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. The program comes with an assurance that if you do not make any money in 90 days following the steps taught in the course, then Merlin offers a one-to-one personal help to make you earn cash.

30 day money back guarantee

I wish you start earning money through online business and get liberated financially, to lead the life you always WANTED rather than what you HAVE to. Hence, my humble request is to allocate 2 hours of undisturbed attention and watch the course introduction WEBINAR for FREE.


I have to state that if you do decide to buy Merlin Holmes’s $1K a Day Fast Tracks course through my link, I may receive an affiliate commission. Check my affiliate disclosure for more info.

$1K A Day Fast Track Course Design

This course teaches elaborately, a 3-Step formula, which includes setting up Clickfunnels for Poll Pages, Autoresponder Service, Picking Affiliate offers, and driving traffic to your pages.

The $1K A Day Method – Progam Modules Overview

I started the course on February 17, 2020. Here is an overview of the course modules.

Six Weeks Training Modules - $1K A Day Fast Track Course New


The $1K A Day Method Advantages

The following four reasons are why this $1K a Day Fast Track program is the best business model on Earth!

#1: No Product Required
#2: No Tech Skills Required
#3: No Selling!
#4: Infinitely Scalable

You’ll learn How 4 Simple Steps Will Rapidly Build Your Email List To 10K, 20K, 50K, Or More And Spit Out Eye-Popping Profits.

$1K A Day Fast Track Course - 4 Steps To Build Email List

Poll Pages in $1K A Day Fast Track Program

The poll pages in this course act as a bridge page between the offer page and the ad network. It is created with psychological influencers that create an impulse in the reader. It makes them click the offer and subscribe to your list at the same time. These poll pages convert at a rate of 70% and Merlin gives these templates for free (so no hard work for you to create such poll pages). A sample poll page will look like the image below:



$1K A Day Fast Track Summary

I will be straightforward here and say that if you are serious about starting to earn money in your online business, then this Merlin’s $1K A Day Fast Track Course is just for you.
Check out the Pros and Cons of $1K A Day Training program below:


  • Merlin has completed all six weeks of the course now. You’ll get access to all six weeks module without any delay. In the initial stages of launch, people complained that there was a slight delay between weeks.
  • A working method as on date without any influence of Google SERPs as this is just a 2-page website and no need for lengthy pillar posts to get into the eyes of Google.
  • Everyone, aspiring to become an online entrepreneur can effectively use this method to succeed – from beginners to experts
  • High quality targeted paid traffic to your website ensures that the technique never saturates, and the leads are potential long term customers.
  • Considering the value provided in this course, the price of $997 is meager and is bound to go up with lot more success stories (so, don’t wait any further)


  • After watching six weeks of sheer, precise teaching by Merlin, I cannot see any negatives in training except that the price of $997 may be higher for some people.

Do You Think $1K A Day Fast Track, A Scam?

No. This course is not a scam. The training covers all the failproof systems that are used by Merlin Holmes himself over the past 15 years. It is a Proven Winner and will not saturate as the method creates an impulse to the readers. It pulls their mental trigger and makes it work forever. You need to have an intent to set realistic goals and drive to take action to achieve those goals, and definitely you get good results. Thus using the $1K a Day Fast Track program you are driven to succeed in starting and growing online business.

A little out of box thinking can fetch more sales and commissions as an affiliate marketer by using this class.

Is this $1K A Day Fast Track Course, Downloadable?

There is no easy way to download this course with just a click. But at the same time, it is downloadable using certain 3rd party tools and extensions.

This course is accessible through the login page with the username and password provided to you on buying it. In fact, you get 2 different login information, one for you and one for your family member. But, you are not supposed to sell the other login which is unethical and such an act may lose your credibility.

You are also warned that don’t get scammed by someone who may offer this course at a “steep discount” or give a “download link” at a cheaper price as these people are untrustworthy.

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Conclusion about $1K a Day Fast Track Course

$1K A Day Fast Track, as I see is a Proven Winner, without any doubt. The down to earth personality of Merlin Holmes and his guidance by way of coaching makes this course rank 1000 times above similar coaching programs out there, which are priced over $1997 and this one is significantly lower at $997 but provides super value mentoring ever imaginable.

In almost any way, $1K A Day Fast Track course is the best training class for making money online

✅ 30-day money-back guarantee.
✅ The tutor is a master in the art of making money who has set a goal of $1K A Day for his students.
✅ Not the cheapest price…but considering its value, the price is a lot cheaper than many worse courses for which I paid twice and more than what is offered for this course.
✅ Top Class Support for the Course as well as per ClickBank marketplace policies.
✅ Great Complimentary bonuses including a Mystery Welcome Kit shipped to your home, and additional login for a family member or friend or partner, and much more value.

As said above, this is an absolute winning masterclass product. It is one of a kind coaching class that you cannot afford missing in the first place. You have nothing to lose on investing $997 for this $1K A Day Fast Track training class when considering the content value. It has the potential of earning by taking action on what is learned from Merlin Holmes to succeed in online business.


I think that this training provides huge value and great opportunity to start an online business, nurture and grow it to earn $1K A Day, the goal set for you by the mentor himself. This program has produced actual results, it has got a world-class support team, real testimonials from his successful students and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and so you have nothing to lose, and worth trying it out today!

But I suggest you purchase $1K a Day Fast Track Course, IF AND ONLY IF you VOUCH to take action of what you have learned from Merlin Holmes in this training because $997 is not a less amount of money for anyone, it’s a lot of money. So be WISE when making an INVESTMENT.


Watch the Webinar with confidence in Merlin Holmes

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
After 90 Days Personal Assistance Available To Ensure Your Success if you did not start earning yet.
Paypal Credit Available (U.S. Only)
Make 2020 the Right Year for Starting Your Online Business and Growing it by Taking action!

Click below, watch the webinar today, and take the decision to be on your way to earning money online in just six weeks.



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