Top 10 and Best PTC (Paid To Click) Sites 2016 – a Rip-Off Review


Though Wordlinx is the PTC site which is responsible for my first payment online, I have not included that in this top 10 PTC sites list due to lack of ads availability in Wordlinx. We’ll update this list from time to time for our readers to have better experience with the websites we are promoting. Wish you good luck!

Top 10 and the Best Paying PTC Sites 2016 – Not Scam But Tested and Legal

The following is the list of Best and Top 10 PTC (Pay to Click) sites 2016 which are well know for its credibility. They are stable, reliable and paying for your profitability.

The first list of 10 PTC sites are the Best PTC sites for the year 2016, well established and has online presence of more than 5 years without any scam remarks or issue in paying its members. Those are the top 10 PTC sites that stood the test of time.

The second list comprise of the legit PTC sites and new PTC sites of 2016 that are trustable and exist for not less than 2 years.

I am so excited in giving you this list of stable and popular PTC sites here because I started my internet and affiliate marketing careers during November, 2007 doing internship in these PTC sites that paid me without any investment other than my own time and eagerness to earn money online. They are consistently paying me since my first payout of $12 from Wordlinx, Clixsense and (Now Buxgroup).

If you like to see what’s in Wordlinx, you may CLICK HERE!

No PTC site that has some sort of links to scam sites in the past are not included here and those not paying as well. You can see only the best of the best as the top 10 PTC sites on this page.

All PTC sites listed here have good qualities and strength. Some are really high paying, particularly ClixSense, if you are in United States. They have affiliate programs to refer potential customers and are paying commissions to you as a referral in several tiers. They provide an opportunity for you to advertise about your online presence, like promotion of your website, products etc., which are affordable and lead to getting targeted customers. Some have minimum payout limits like $5 or $8 etc., and some have no minimum payout.

However, all of these Pay-To-Click (PTC) sites have one thing in common that “They Pay!“.

Why these are Top 10 and the Best PTC Sites?

The Top 10 PTC Sites are well coded websites with good reliability, they have been here for a while without major issue of paying their members. All the PTC sites we have included here are done only if they are paying for at least 4 years before their inclusion in this list.

And the best this thing is they are paying through Paypal and many such other payment processors like Payza, Skrill etc., We have also hand picked these top 10 PTC sites with Paypal payment method as I know that this is what most of you would be looking for. I wish this top 10 and the best PTC sites list will be helpful to you.

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