ReviewTrust Review – Is ReviewTrust (also spelled Review Trust) worth your money?

ReviewTrust Review

What is ReviewTrust?

ReviewTrust is the world’s first and only fully featured system built to automate the tedious process of collecting, gathering, and displaying fresh customer testimonials directly on your website.

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Now You Can Make More Sales By Utilizing The Most Powerful Form Of Social Proof, Without Lifting A Finger!

ReviewTrust automates the tedious process of collecting and displaying user testimonials/reviews.

With ReviewTrust you can:

  • Automate the tedius process of collecting customer product testimonials/reviews
  • Quickly and easily display testimonials/reviews on your website, blog, or store front
  • Increase visitor trust and make more sales
  • And many more features and benefits…

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Why ReviewTrust?

With ReviewTrust you can instantly harness the proven selling power of social proof. Review Trust will allow business owners to convert more prospects into paying customers in the fastest amount of time and with the least amount of hassle as humanly possible.

To summarize, ReviewTrust lets you automatically collect, gather and display fresh customer testimonials on your website. This system translate to huge conversion and increase in sales because it allows you to harness the incredible selling power of social proof.

What is Social Proof and Why you should leverage it?

Dr. Cialdini defines social proof as a “potent weapon of influence”.

He goes on to say that the principle of social proof “states that one way we use to determine what is correct is to find out what other people think is correct.” In other words, we look around to see what other people are doing before we commit to doing anything ourselves.

Social proof is especially influential “when we’re unsure of ourselves and when uncertainty reigns”.

Why Your Business MUST Use This “Potent Weapon of Influence”

Here’s a quick explanation of social proof and why leveraging it is one of the smartest marketing moves you’ll ever make in your business. As humans, we have this instinctive nature to want to hear from people who have already made whatever decision we’re about to make.

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How does ReviewTrust work?

Businesses that choose to use ReviewTrust connect their shopping cart to us. After anywhere from 7 to 30 days, ReviewTrust contacts the buyer and asks them for their opinion on the product they just purchased. After a purchase is made, ReviewTrust verifies the purchase. ReviewTrust collects and stores the information and then displays the verified customer review on the business’s website for all to see, allowing YOU, as a potential customer, the benefit of knowing whether or not the product you’re considering purchasing, is truly worth your hard earned money.

How ReviewTrust works for businesses, in 4 simple steps :

  1. Connect ReviewTrust to your shopping cart (i.e. Clickbank, JVZoo, or custom cart).
  2. When your customer purchases your product, we will automatically follow-up with them after 14 days (or a period of your choice) requesting they leave feedback about your product. You can collect both standard and incentivized reviews!
  3. The testimonial is saved by our system and placed into your account for review.
  4. Place a simple piece of code on your website and voila, your customer testimonials will show up directly on your website, allowing you to harness the selling power of social proof.

ReviewTrust offers many different widget and testimonial block styles,
allowing you to change the look and color to match your existing website perfectly.

reviewtrust widgets

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9.3 Total Score
Don't Buy Before You Read This

Is ReviewTrust (also spelled Review Trust) worth your money? Here is our full, unbiased review of this automated testimonial system for business owners. Collect Customer Testimonials On Autopilot. Review Trust is the ONLY software that lets you collect and display testimonials.

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