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VideoDrill Review

Video Drill Review – Take your advertising to the NEXT Level…

video drill review

Video Drill Overview:

Product Name: Video Drill (web based software app)
Product Website:
Product Creators: Sam Bakker and Brad Stephens

Video Drill Cost / Discount:

Lite Version: $27
Unlimited Version: $37
Developer Version: $47

Video Drill Training: Free

Video Drill OTO / Ugrade: Pro Version @ $67

Video Drill Launch Date: 17th August, 2015 @ 11 a.m. EST

Video Drill Bonus: Special and Exclusive Bonuses worth $350 @

What is Video Drill?

Video Drill is a software tool which is a web based application that takes the video advertising to the next level. Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, local marketers, online and offline video-drill-reviewadvertising agencies are always on the look out for some innovative tools that work for them. The reason being that the tools make life simple while giving good results. But finding a right tools is always not easy and this is where we at TopXReviews provide you opportunity by reviewing the latest tools released in the market. One such tool rather a system is this Video Drill. As stated earlier video drill gives you results you always wanted from the advertising campaigns. Video Drill changes the youtube advertising to the next level. With this web based app you have the edge over other marketers as you will learn how to take advantage out of the most powerful video site on the internet, namely, YouTube.

Who created Video Drill?

sam bakker and brad stephens

I know you can’t wait to know who were Video Drill Authors. Video Drill is SaaS tool created by two of the emerging internet marketing millionaires for the benefit of thousands of internet marketers like us ; they are Sam Bakker and Brad Stephens. They have developed several successful tools and training programs for internet marketers in the last few years and are rising as a credible developers of softwares and tools that make life easy for us. Their most popular product namely, video skins, had sales exceeding $200,000.00. This Video Drill software ( a web based app) is scheduled for launch on August 17th, 2015 at 11 AM EST. You may bookmark this page and get it before anyone else could buy it.

How does Video Drill work?

Video Drill helps you saves thousands of advertisement costs in YouTube for your online video marketing system. This software also manages your time efficiently and helps you promote your products to the target audience. Thus it helps you make profits while spending less on advertising dollars. Video Drill has several features and functions that would drive you crazy and thus it excels as the best innovative web based application for video advertising in 2015. Rest assured you would make most of the profits from your video advertising that fetches many buyers in front of you ready to spend their money to buy your product.

Take a look at the full walk through of Video Drill by playing the video below:

[embedplusvideo height=”442″ width=”550″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=KOprc8fjufg&width=550&height=442&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep5024″ /]

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Video Drill Features

Video Drill is a SaaS tool that allows you to lastly break the resistance linked to advertising on YouTube. With video drill your youtube advertising will be simple and profitable.
You can find the most targeted audiences to your market / niche and run ad campaigns in YouTube using the powerful video drill features such as:

  1. Video & Channel Dashboard – build up targeted audiences from different keyword combinations which can be exported with 1 click.
  2. Keyword Search Module – Video Drill allows you to find keywords searched by users on YouTube, where as doing so manually only provides keywords from Google. Again, providing more targeted search results relative to video advertising.
  3. Video Search – Finding video URLs to target is time consuming. Picking out video URLs one by one and building up 100 links can take hours. Video Drill allows you to generate a targeted list of videos of any size in a few clicks. These are called Target Groups.
  4. Channel Search – Just like “Video Search”, this module allows you to search channels to target on YouTube. Grab all the video uploads from one channel in one click, or create full channel lists that can be targeted in an ad. Saving time and going the extra mile. These are called Channel Groups.
  5. Advanced Filtering System – Unlike any other targeting software, Video Drill has an additional filtering system built in to help narrow down to the most targeted audiences to run ads to.
  6. Smart Ranking – Rank your videos by likes, comments, dislikes, like/dislike ratio or channels by the subscribers, views etc, allowing you to find the best videos possible to target within a specific niche.
  7. Ad Drill – 1 click upload to AdWords. Select a single or multiple target groups from your dashboard and create an ad that can be exported to AdWords in one click.

click here to get instant access to video drillVideo Drill Pros and Cons:


  • Search Keywords from the Dashboard directly
  • Built in Videos and Channels empower Search Functions
  • Customization of search function with powerful filters to boost ROI
  • Customization of ranking system
  • Web based application enables using from any platform


  • Video Drill Pro version has more features that costs an additional $67


Why should you need it?
If you are in internet and affiliate marketing, you would be aware that success or ROI can be had only from Social Media advertising that drives niche audiences in front of your product. Online purchases is the norm of the day in developed countries and it is one of the fastest growing markets in under-developed and developing countries. So, with it Internet Marketing is one of the raising businesses and several entrepreneurs have jump started in online marketing. However, the succeeding internet marketers are wise guys that use technology to the core in their marketing whether it be social media or video marketing. Video Drill is one of the most powerful tools that curtain raises before internet marketers to help them find target audiences in video advertising. Video Drill is also user friendly and doesn’t need any core training regardless of your experience in Internet Marketing. You’ll provided with free training on all of its features if you feel you need one. So, you can surely understand from this Video Drill Review that the mission of Video Drill is simple, make advertising on YouTube easy & profitable.

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My Video Drill Bonuses:

I have provided $250 worth of video marketing related products as bonus for purchasing Video Drill from this link:

You can have it automatically after purchasing directly from the Product Website. Wait, it is not over yet…

Special and Exclusive-Video-Drill-Bonus-TopXReviews

I am also providing additional $100 worth video background for your video advertising. All you’ll have to do to claim this Special and Exclusive Video Drill Bonus is by following these simple 4 steps.

  1. Press (Ctrl + Shift + Delete) Or Clean/Delete all cookie and cache of your internet browser
  2. Get Video Drill through my link:
  3. After Completing the transaction, download $250 worth bonuses from the Product Page itself.
  4. Forward the payment receipt to my email at

You’ll have your $100 worth special and exclusive video drill bonus in your email within 24 hours after sending email to me.

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9.2 Total Score

Video Drill is a SaaS tool that allows you to finally break the resistance associated with advertising on YouTube. Video Drill is a software that turns YouTube into your own profit and list building machine. It finds the best keywords, videos and channels for all your video marketing

Ease of Use
Value for Money
Help & Support
  • Targeted Leads
  • High CTR
  • One Click Video Solution
  • Web Based App
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