Weight Gain Blueprint Review

Weight Gain Blueprint Review

weight gain blueprint

weight gain blueprint

In this weight gain blueprint review you’ll find how easy it is to gain weight

If you’re a skinny guy and find it hard to gain weight then Weight Gain Blueprint could be exactly what you need. Jeff Masterson was a skinny guy but he’s managed to gain 38 pounds of pure muscle in just 19 days and he’s now willing to share his strategies.

One of the best things about this blueprint is that it doesn’t involve any dangerous steroids or supplements and even better it doesn’t involve spending hours and hours in the gym! Jeff is the kind of guy who talks straight and doesn’t leave anything out and isn’t vague in his methods. He will walk you through the exact methods he used to gain weight – after being tired of hitting the gym for hours with nothing to show for it! Sound familiar?

Through his methods, he went from 142 pounds (and at 6 foot 2inches that’s tiny!) to a solid 205 pounds. He managed to gain 38 pounds in just 19 weeks with this blueprint. If you’re the kind of guy who simply can’t seem to gain weight then you need this program. Jeff has done all the hard work and worked through what doesn’t work so that you don’t have to.

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Basically you can work through this system and be guaranteed to gain weight. Ok, so you may be thinking it sounds too good to be true, so let’s work through the minor faults of this product.

It’s not the speediest of weight gain programs – Jeff seems to think you’ll gain a minimum of 2 pounds per week, which is healthy but can be a bit slow for some people – even though it’s probably healthier. Secondly, although Jeff claims 2 pounds per week minimum gain, it’s likely that in reality it’ll be slower than this.

This program is also probably only helpful for “hard gainers”. In other words, if there’s an underlying reason (other than being a hard gainer) that means you can’t gain weight then it won’t work.

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Having said that, it should work for the majority of people and I’d definitely recommend it as an honest and natural way to gain weight. If you’ve been struggling then the Weight Gain Blueprint will probably work well for you if you put in the effort and follow the plan properly.

I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment below and let me know how you get on with the product or if you have any further information about your experiences!

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