WP Clickstore Review

WP Clickstore Review

WP Click Store Review and Demo For Knowing The Ease To Make Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer

Before reading this WP Click Store Review you can see WP Click Store Live Clickbank Store here (created from scratch).

wp-clickstore-reviewWp Click Store is an awesome product by Brett Ingram. The claim with wpclickstore is perhaps that you can create your own clickbank affiliate store in no time. Previously, Brett had a similar product that created Amazon affiliate store within a few minutes, it went over very well.

Wp Clickstore is scheduled to launch on January 8, 2015. Straight from the words of Brett Ingrams Wp Click Store “its an exclusive theme that creates commission generating Clickbank stores”.

Being a Clickbank enthusiast, I’m excited about this launch. Having purchased several of Brett Ingrams products in the past, I would be proud to say that I made money with every single one. Once Wp Clickstore does actually launch, the chances are that you are also going to start making money online with the onset of the year 2015.

Features of WP Click Store:

  1. If a visitor to your clickbank store created using wp clickstore clicks on a product and buys it you get paid affiliate commissions.
  2. You can create a niche clickbank store from scratch even if you have no knowledge of coding and it’s just done in 3 easy steps.
  3. Watch me create a brand new clickbank niche store in just a few minutes without a need for HTML codes or CSS or Programming.

[embedplusvideo height=”373″ width=”610″ editlink=”http://bit.ly/1EHsKnY” standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/1DIx23iQ9R0?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=1DIx23iQ9R0&width=610&height=373&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep8553″ /]

WP Click Store Pros:

  1. Add niche products from clickbank marketplace from inside your own site with just 1 click.
  2. You can create one clickbank superstore with tons of products or a targeted niche store focused on just 1 type of product.
  3. Installs in minutes like any WordPress theme with no tech skills–just follow the step-by-step walkthrough videos.
  4. Make money every time someone clicks on an item and buys through Clickbank.com.
  5. Feature any items you want on your homepage to make even more sales and bigger commissions.
  6. Customize your site with social sharing, list building, or any plugins and widgets as you want to the sidebar and bottom widget areas.
  7. Eye-catching graphics and clean layout makes your site look awesome and keeps visitors on your pages to make you more money.
  8. Point-n-click simple changes to the layout, theme, design elements, and more.
  9. Fully customize your site and add any content you like to make it unique and SEO optimized.

WP Click Store Cons:

  1. It fetches only the description and images as available in the clickbank marketplace ads placed by the vendors.

Should You Get It?

The cons of WP Click Store Review can be overcome with the upgrade pack of WP Click Store MAX upgradeable license which includes youtube and niche articles poster. Or simply you can rewrite the product information after posting it as such using this WP Click Store.

WP Click Store Review – various versions and their features


1) WP Click Store PRO Features


  1. Additional color themes and header graphic wizard with 25 built-in headers.
  2. License for installing in 10 domains as personal site licenses.
  3. An increased profit capability of around 1000%.
  4. And the best part is you can activate WP Clickstore Pro and customize it with a click of the mouse button





2) WP Click Store MAX Features


  1. 2 additional posters included with this version of WP Clickstore MAX upgrade.
  2. Add unlimited niche videos using Youtube Video poster. You can pick the top and best performing youtube videos related to the niche keyword of your chosen product for posting to get a lots of Love from Google.
  3. Add unlimited niche articles using built-in Niche Article poster. Niche Article Poster coming with WP Click Store MAX upgrad has more than 100,000+ niche keyword targeted articles.
  4. With these features you can skyrocket your clickbank store to the top of the search engines irrespective any Google animal watching it.
  5. You have unlimited personal site licenses to install in any of your own domain in infinite niches.And the best part is your profit potential is increased exponentially and everything is set up in just a few clicks within minutes.



3) WP Click Store Developer Features


  1. You get complete Photoshop templates in PSD format for all clickbank store website images in the exclusive graphics package.
  2. You can create unlimited clickbank stores in unlimited niches…and the best part is you can do this to your clients and charge them using WP Clickstore Developer version.
  3. Not only that, you have rights to create and sell or flip clickbank stores for profit when using this wpclickstore developer version upgrade license.
  4. Also, you can bundle clickbank stores with other offers to boost profits as an affiliate marketer or internet marketer.
  5. The only things that you cannot do with this wp clickstore developer license is sell the wp click store theme or give away clickbank stores created with wp clickstore developer license for free.
    And the best part is you have increased profit potential of over 10000% with wp click store developer license.



WP Click Store FAQ

1. Do I need WordPress to run it?
Yes. WP Click Store is a WordPress theme that runs on any WordPress-installed site.
2. Does it work on PC and Mac?
Yes. The software runs on WordPress so it works on any computer.
3. What do I need to use it?
You need a Clickbank affiliate account (signup is free), a domain name, and a hosting account (which you need to put any website online). Don’t have it? Don’t worry…we’ll show you how to get it in about 5 minutes
4. Are there any upsells?
Yes, but you do not need them to use the software and setup your 1st store. The upsells are for more features, multi-store license, and developer license.

How To Use WP Click Store?


9.3 Total Score

NEW state-of-the-art WordPress theme creates an awesome Clickbank affiliate store in minutes. Search the Clickbank marketplace from inside your own site and add products with just 1 click . Create one superstore with tons of products or a niche store focused on just 1 type of product

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